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There are many volunteers opportunities in Katy

Several days ago, I went to my child’s elementary school for a class party.  Upon entering the classroom, I felt like a rock star!  When the children saw me, they all began saying, “Hi, Mrs. Lewis!  I remember you!  How are you?”  You see, I had been their Junior Achievement teacher, so I had taught five short Junior Achievement lessons in their classroom.  I had loved every minute!  As I walked into the classroom, I felt honored that they knew me and felt even happier as I watched my son swell with pride.  I have really enjoyed helping in the Katy School District.

I am amazed at the parent support in the Katy schools.  I have never seen more parents who are willing to donate time and energy to making the schools better.    Some parents spend hours and hours volunteering at the schools as room mothers, PTA board members, lunchroom helpers, library volunteers, workday helpers, party planners, and organizers of special programs such as PATHS, Ranger Science, and Junior Achievement.   No wonder the schools are so good in Katy!  The parent support is unmatched!  I have just started to become acquainted with all the volunteer opportunities, but, boy is it fun!    

Last week my husband and I volunteered to read in my son’s kindergarten classroom.  The children looked at us with wide, eager eyes as we read some of our favorite children’s books to them.  Since reading is a passion of mine, I was thrilled to be able to share this love with some of my son’s classmates.

Another time this year, I helped with PATHS (Parents and Teachers Helping Students).  The theme was “Traditions around the World”.  Each of the Kindergarten classrooms was decorated to look like a given country.  As children entered each classroom, they were taught about the country’s food, dress, customs and culture.  What an amazing day that was!

Opportunities abound in the Katy School district.  You can volunteer as little or as much as you are able.  If you have always wanted to be treated like a rock star, trust me, volunteering in the classroom is where it’s at! 

What has been your favorite volunteer activity in Katy?  Post a comment below.

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