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At the conclusion of the 2010-2011 academic year, students from Katy ISD’s Miller Career & Technology Center (MCTC) attempted and passed Apple Certified End User exams, placing them among a handful of persons in the state certified in these respective programs. MCTC holds the national record for the most End User certified students graduating from a program.

A total of 18 Audio Engineering students attempted and passed Logic 9 Level 1 Certified Pro exam, bringing the total number of registered Certified Pros for Logic 9 Level 1 in the state of Texas up to 31.  A total of 24 Media Tech I students attempt and passed the Final Cut Pro 7 End User certification exam; and 11 students attempted their fourth End User Certification exam in Soundtrack Pro 3, having already successfully passed the certification exams in Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 3 and Color Correction.  All 11 students passed and are now Final Cut Studio Master Pros.  There were only two registered Master Pros in the state of Texas, and now Katy ISD has added 11 more to that number.  There are only 115 in the nation, and MCTC students have increased the national number by 10 percent.

The MCTC Media Technology program is led by Jack Degelia and the Audio Engineering program is led by John Bertram.

Congratulations to the following students for conquering these exams:

Logic 9 Level 1 Certified Pros: Austin Harris, Ryan McArthur, Spencer Peters, John Paul Relampagos, Luis Ricardo, Jake Castellano, William Landry, Sarah Mehl, Russell Pregeant, Joseph Soria, Haresh Virappen, Briel Arias, Rick Blaylock, Andrew Cordy, Mark Harrison, Nathan Walker and Erin Conners.

Final Cut Pro 7 Level 1 Certified Pros: Jordan Abernathy, John Aguilar, Caine Bird, Brittany Brown, Jackson Cade, Neshme Colmenero, Andrew Craig, David Dodd, Matthew Dodd, Brett Donohoe, Andrew Estrada, Rachel Fallin, Natalie Luengo-Jacobs, Andres Kochinski, Sally Lee,Brandon Lumsdon, Iain McMichaels, Theo Miesner, Faolain Morrell, Brea Myers, Nicole Nunez, Kayla O’Rourke, Andrea Rodriguez and Nicholas Scott.

Soundtrack Pro 3/ Final Cut Studio Master Pros: Brandon Cernetisch, Stephanie Hernandez, Jose Lopez, Ivan Ovalle, Daniel Rusinek, Justin Sanchez, Jenna Thong, Angel Valdez-Lopez, Lewis ‘Trey’ Watson, Justin Westmoreland and Rachel Williams.

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