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Mickey Mouse Treats

My family just got back from a stay at Disney World, and my children are all about Mickey and the princesses these days.  So, when it came time to whip up a dessert for a get-together, the decision was easy: Mickey Mouse rice cereal treats.  I was envisioning something like the classic Mickey ice cream sticks covered in chocolate, but I could not find a cookie cutter of the traditional Mickey face anywhere in town.

Instead, I did find a full body cookie cutter of Mickey, looking to the side.  Because our hearts were set on making this dessert, my daughter, age 4, and I decided it was good enough for our purposes.

I made the rice cereal treats and spread them as thin as possible over a jelly roll pan covered in wax paper and cooking spray.  After the treats cooled just enough to be easy to manage but not so much that they were set, I began cutting Mickey’s head out of the side.  Since it was a whole body cookie cutter, I had to form the base of his head once the treat was cut.  With the leftover treats, I rolled small balls and set them aside.

Next, I melted Bark chocolate and dipped Mickey’s ears in the chocolate.  I smoothed the line dividing his face from his ears with a spoon and added a drop of chocolate for his nose.  With the remaining chocolate, I drizzled the treat balls.

The Mickey Mouse rice cereal treats were a huge hit at our get-together and with my daughters.  My four-year-old believes anything is possible: she’s asked me next to make a dessert that looks like the Disney Princesses.  I’m not sure how exactly I plan to do that, but she’s thrown down the gauntlet and I plan to respond somehow.

What about you?  What creative things have you done with rice cereal treats?  Post a comment below!

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