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Turn to Katy bookstores to have fun and escape summer heat

While most people look to event venues for summer entertainment don’t forget to think outside the box. Local bookstores often host signings and events. For anyone who loves to read or wants to share that love with someone else this is a great opportunity to get autographed books and meet with authors. And it is a budget event! It only costs the cost of the book.

Katy bookstore, Katy Budget Books (www.katybooks.com ) often hosts book signings. This is a great opportunity to share the love of reading with your family.

Murder By the Book (www.murderbooks.com) off of Bissonnet is also a popular place to follow for great events involving thriller, crime and paranormal novels. We also are not too far off from Blue Willow Bookshop off of Memorial (www.bluewillowbookshop.com.)You can easily combine a love for books in your quest for a budget event.

Houston is full with small bookstores that bring big events with popular authors and topics. And I’ve always thought that there is something magical about an autographed book! Plus you can read the book in advance and then enjoy the opportunity to ask questions with the author. Whether you love to read or if you know someone who does attending local books signings can be a great budget event that can also get your family out of the summer heat.

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