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The Senate of The State of Texas is pleased to recognized Grant Manier (maun-yea), 17 years old, for his outstanding achievements as an artist.

Grant is a young student (FOCUS Academy/Katy, Stafford and The Woodlands) who has been diagnosed with autism; he has taken what some deem to be a disability and made it a strength by applying his unique skills and talents as an eco-artist to the creation of his art.

He has developed a sizable following for his art and has inspired countless people with his strength of spirit and his dedication to his craft. The Senate of the State of Texas, 83rd Legislature, hereby commend Grant Manier on his exemplary determination, his positive outlook, and his creative endeavors and extend to him best wishes for continued success in the future.

Today’s world is evolving into an Eco-friendly environment and Grant Manier, a young and talented artist, living with autism, has incorporated conservationism into his work.

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is the foundation for Grant’s art. Grant creates works of art using
magazines, calendars, wallpaper, posters, food wrappers, puzzles and more. Each work of
art contains thousands of cut or torn pieces of recycled paper. Using cool colors, cool shapes,
and cool textures, Grant call his masterpieces “COOLAGES”.

Grant has become an award winning Eco-Artist, leading the way for Eco-Art awareness by
bringing visual eco-art exhibits and demonstrations into schools and organizations, receiving awards and recognition for his outstanding educational outreach to children and adults.

– Houston Mayor’s Disabilities Youth Advocate and Volunteer of the Year 2011-2012
– Austin’s Rodeo Eco-Art Grand Champion 2011 and 2012
– Houston’s Bayou City Art Festival, 2013 New Emerging Artist
– Strokes of Genius, Emerging National Artist; New York City/United Nations Plaza
– High School Congressional Art Competition Winner
– Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Children’s Museum; Featured Artist
– TV, radio, magazines, newspaper, and books 

GrantGrant Manier

To see some of Grant’s art, visit www.grantsecoart.com/.

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