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Enjoying Katy ISD Sports at a Young Age

It’s an understatement to say that football is big here in Texas. Football has never been that important to me. Even in high school and college, I didn’t mind skipping a game to do something else. I didn’t grow up in Texas, and maybe that has something to do with it! Our sons are Texans, and our oldest is beginning to watch sports with my husband. Of course, the questions range from, “Dad, what ball is that?” to “Are they supposed to be hitting each other?”

So much to learn!

My husband and I have decided that it is time our four-year-old sports fan attend some games around Katy. Forget the Texans, they plan to head out to local high schools to watch some practices and, of course, to Rhodes Stadium. My husband is researching school colors and players so that he can share details about each game. I am looking forward to seeing the bands and the drill teams.

Meanwhile, our son is also concerned with what food they’ll find at the games and whether Mom will let him eat hot dogs and popcorn. On my side, hot dogs and popcorn have always been on that scary “Forbidden Foods” list that doctors give out. I wasn’t going to let our children eat them until they were maybe 10!

Now that games our part of our weekly fun, I hope that our son learns to understand and appreciate football and the hard work that coaches, parents, and players put into it. I say appreciate the game because Mom’s not sure if she’s going to let him ever play it!

Do you have Katy football fun planned for your fall? Share some stories with us about how your family prepares for the big game.

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