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One Katy wife shares her secret for a happy marriage

I knew I had found Mr. Right when, after a fun evening together, my date asked if he could give me a kiss.  As I nodded and prepared for our first awkward kiss, my date then proceeded to pull a bag of Hershey Kisses from his pocket.  He didn’t kiss me that night, but we had a good laugh!  I fell in love with this funny man and today, after nearly sixteen years of marriage, laughing is still one of our favorite shared pastimes.  Laughter is truly the perfect medicine.  It is not only fun and free, but there are many physical, mental and social benefits.

Physical Benefits
A good, hearty laugh can actually relieve stress and cause the body to relax for up to forty-five minutes.  Laughter boosts the immune system, decreases pain, and can prevent disease.   

Mental Benefits
Laughter adds joy to life, improves one’s mood, eases anxiety and fear and boosts resilience.

Social Benefits
Shared laughter is the best form of laughter.  Laughter is contagious and is infectious to all.  Laughing with others strengthens relationships, decreases conflict and promotes bonding.

Life, with all of its ups and downs must be laughed about.  I must confess that some of the most embarrassing moments have turned into some of the most humorous, due to my husband, who loves to laugh.  I am reminded of one particular time when our entire family showed up Sunday morning at another family’s home for breakfast.  We found it odd that they came to the door in their pajamas, but walked in and thanked them profusely for the invitation.  After about a half an hour of conversation, we realized that they weren’t the family that had invited us.  Being new to the neighborhood, we had confused them with another family, who had the same last name.  Though it was an embarrassing situation for both families, we have laughed about this incident time and time again.

Another time, my husband awoke early for work and, trying not to disturb me, left the lights out while grabbing his shoes.  Later that day, he discovered he was wearing two completely different shoes.  I will never forget the look on his face as I delivered one shoe to his office.

Some of the best humor is had in reflecting on past humorous experiences.  Finding humor every day creates a never ending bank of fun from which one can withdraw at any time.  So, go ahead, laugh!  And, while your add it, infect someone else! 

What humorous situations have you found yourself in?  Please share below!

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