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Posted February 23, 2011

Kilpatrick Elementary School recently named Tom D’Andrea as 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year. D’Andrea is a physical education teacher who has taught at Kilpatrick since its opening in 2003. He has worked for Katy ISD for 27 years.

The elementary also named their 2011 Executive PTA Board. Members include: Lisa Askins, Shantania Loving-Leggins, Becky Morris, Heather Nichols, Tracy Wilson, Principal Malynn Rodriquez, Lisa Kana, Heather Sanders, Sherri Tandon, Chrisite VanderVliet, second grade teacher Brittany Sciba, Dina Schillinger, Traci Faulk, Fon Deuterio, Julia Purnell, Cindy Cruz-Davis, Debbie Conaway, Judi Smith, Patricia Gilarranz, Jennifer Lehane, Shannon Clarkson, Kendall Walters, and Anna Marsh.

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Principal Malynn Rodriguez and Kilpatrick Teacher of the Year Tom D'Andrea.
The Kilpatrick Elementary 2011 Executive PTA Board.
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