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Katy, TX News (September 23, 2015) – The Flaunt Salon Stylist team recently attended the TiGi (Tony and Guy) World Release Las Vegas Hair Show 2015. Hair Cuts, Hair Color, Fashion, and Photo Shoots were the main focus of instruction and education for the dedicated Team. The Hair Industry Show’s theme for 2015 is to “Reignite your creative inspiration”.

The two day event included TiGi stylist on stage that reside in different countries. Stylists from the U.K., Mexico, Ireland, Australia, the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico, were in attendance. The elite stylist showcased their new collection of how TiGi sees the rest of 2015 and 2016. Flaunt Salon Co-owner Mary Wesley said, “the inspirational cutting and styling workshop was just that….it gives a stylist ideas for making clients look fabulous, confident, and trendy”. If you ask Flaunt Salon stylist Erica Galvan what she brings back to Flaunt Salon, she will tell you, “Invent it….Own it, that’s the message of the show that sticks out in my mind”.

In addition to the educational aspect of the TiGi World Release, TiGi introduced a new product! Joyride! Joyride is a powder and balm mixture created to give the user the ability to piece out the hair. It defrizzes and defines the hair. “It gives our clients a new way to style their existing cut with a light matte finish” said Mary Wesley. “If you want a new style or the same style, the techniques we learned can add a more manageable and longer lasting cut to shape your hair. To make your hair behave, it’s what we all want” explained Mary.

It is amazing what a dedicated stylist can learn and use when they come back from a TiGi hair show. TiGi has exceptional education and that is how great cuts and great hair happen. Flaunt Salon welcomes you to come visit, see the full TiGi product line, or make an appointment. Or just come by after hours and peek through the window to see our beautiful salon! For more information please call 281-282-7198 or visit us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/FlauntSalonKaty.com

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