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What is Katy’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest?
This is Katy Magazine’s annual cover contest where we view hundreds of photo submissions of local children in hopes of unearthing an adorable winner or two to be showcased as Katy’s Cutest Kid. Several finalists and honorable mentions will also be chosen and featured in the issue as well.

How old are the contestants?
This contest is for ages 2 to 8 years old. But you may send photos of younger or older children as well for consideration in other features, Katy Cuties or special departments.

Who can enter?
Parents and photographers may submit cover-ready photos of their children and/or subjects.  (Parents need to get permission from photographers; photographers need to get permission from parents.) Proper photo credit will be given if you provide it, so please label each photo with child’s name (first) and photographers name (second).

Are there other qualifications?
Yes, children must live in the Katy ISD boundaries.

What kind of photos usually win?
See past winners below! 
We like colorful, vibrant, professional (preferred) photos of adorable children smiling and looking at the camera. We like childlike clothes and bright backgrounds or white backgrounds that we can change to bold colors. Most of our covers will be cropped in to show the child’s facial beauty, eyes, etc. High resolution images of 1MB and above are preferred. We don’t like special filters, subdued colors, black and white shots, sepia, or other special effects that look too artsy. Seasonal photos usually won’t work either. (Too fall, spring, summer, or winter looking)



Do the photos have to be shot by a professional?
It’s strongly recommended because the more professional the photograph looks, the better its chance of it being selected as the Cutest Kid Cover Winner or Finalist. Parents do a great job at capturing those great smiles so we welcome parent-shot photos too as long as they look professional and adorable.

Can I enter more than one child’s photo?
Yes, you may submit one – two photos for each child. If you have multiple children, you may submit one – two photos of each, but we  do not accept photos with a group shot of siblings for the cover contest.

Can I submit several photos?
Please submit only one or two photos per child. We receive so many entries that our email system gets overloaded. We ask you to choose your BEST two photos – ones you could picture as a Katy Magazine cover shot that matches our style and look. (Bright, colorful, smiling, child looking at the camera, etc.) If you bombard our system with too many photos, we may have to block your email which may disqualify you from the contest.

When is the deadline to enter my child’s photo?
December 31, 2017 at 5 p.m. Please note: The earlier you submit the better in case there are issues with the photo  size and we want to choose that shot, but need it resent, or additional information.

What kind of photos should I send?
Photos should be at least 1MB in size (bigger preferred). We prefer photos that are professionally taken or at least shot from a good digital camera. Cell phone camera photos are not likely to end up on our cover. Photos should not be seasonal or depict any specific holiday.

How are the winners and finalists selected?
After the deadline, our editors will meet and review photos, looking for shots of adorable kids that most reflect our look and style. From there, we choose the winner and about 10 finalists (photos of children that came very close). Our editors will be on the lookout for photos that showcase personality, big smiles, happy eyes looking at the camera, and an overall photogenic appeal.

What do the children win?
This is not monetary contest but the winning kids will get terrific exposure as one of Katy’s Cutest Kids. As a special keepsake, our Winner and finalists are issued a colorful, commemorative certificate naming them as a Winner or Finalist and a personal congratulations letter from our publisher. The Winner is also given a large poster of their magazine cover as a keepsake! Past Cutest Kid Winners have gone on to modeling and other exciting ventures due to their visibility in the magazine!

I’m a photographer and have great shots. Can I enter them?
If your photo subjects live in Katy, are 2-8 years old, and you have the parent’s permission, you may enter them. Please remember to name your photo with the child’s name and your name like this, “Johnny Smith photographed by Susan Wilson Photography. “

What is the difference between Katy’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest and Katy Cuties submissions?
Katy’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest is an annual contest we have each year to unearth the area’s most photogenic children. Katy Cuties is a regular pictorial section in the magazine where we showcase small photos of cute kids in each issue. If your photos are not considered for the contest (due to photo quality or smaller, low res images) we may end up using them in our Cuties pictorial.

How will I know if my child is a winner?
We will notify you via email sometime in late January or early February if your child is a Cover Star, Winner, or Finalist.

When will the cover winners’ photos for Katy Magazine be published?
The Katy’s Cutest Kid issue comes out in February each year. We will also publicize the issue on our social media venues and on KatyMagazine.com. The winners get a lot of notoriety in the community. A few past winners have gone on to be models!

Who can I call with questions?
If you still have questions, after reading this FAQ, please contact our editors at editor@katymagazine.com.

Enter Your Photos for the Current Contest

Include in your email:

  • Child’s name (first and last)
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Parent’s/Parents’ name(s)
  • Photographer’s name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your full mailing address (to verify that you live in Katy ISD).
  • Rename your image to include the child’s name and the photographer’s name like this: Johnny Smith photographed by Susan Wilson Photography
  • Email one – two photos to editor@katymagazine.com.

Child’s name, date of birth, parent’s name, photographer name, your email, and your phone number, and neighborhood (to verify child is in Katy ISD boundaries).  Please rename your image to include the child’s name and the photographer’s name like this, “Johnny Smith photographed by Susan Wilson Photography.” Or, if shot by a parent, you may say “Johnny Smith photographed by mom Alexandra Smith.” (This helps us properly identify and credit the photos.). Editor@katymagazine.com

We are very excited to have you enter your child in Katy’s Cutest Kid Cover Contest 2018! Good luck!


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