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Posted October 11, 2010

The influence of an indoor cycling class goes beyond the walls of the spinning room in Katy, TX. The group has adopted 4 soldiers serving overseas through “Adopt a US Soldier.org”. Members buy toiletries, magazines, puzzle books, and snacks and ship them in care packages to their adopted soldiers. The men have responded with heartfelt appreciation and stories of life in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Thank you for all the support. This is much more than I could ever have asked for,” said Daniel serving in Iraq. “I am thrilled there are still people out there willing to help and support their troops away from home. It’s nice to know we’re not forgotten,” responded Joshua .

The Adopt a Soldier project has influenced the class members as well. “The project has served not only as an outreach but has brought class members closer. It’s been overwhelming to see the generosity of our YMCA members,” reported Becky Ricketts, cycling instructor. Please mention you found this on www.KatyMagazine.com.


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