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Katy, TX News (July 10, 2014) – This July, Ker & Downey President David Marek and his wife Gana are heading to Uganda to deliver medical supplies, care, and mosquito nets to two remote villages near Mbale. This marks their sixth trip with Nets For Africa, a Ker & Downey initiative established to serve the communities of Uganda. Last year the program provided six days of clinics and gave away 9,000 mosquito nets, a goal that will be matched on the 2014 trip. Committed to an ongoing and continual effort to assist the people of Uganda, Ker & Downey has acquired warehouse space to collect mosquito nets in the town of Mbale so that nets can be distributed throughout the year.

Over 300 Ugandans succumb to malaria every day. Almost 40% of Ugandans don’t have access to clean water, and 32% do not have access to basic vaccines and medicines. “Each net protects up to four children and with 9,000 nets we will help protect 36,000 children,” notes David Marek. These treated nets cost $7 each and are a proven way to reduce a child’s exposure to malaria.

“During our six days of handing out nets, approximately 12,000 to 15,000 of mostly women and children will be examined by a doctor, have their blood tested, and then receive any medications necessary,” says Marek.

Ker & Downey underwrites 100% of the cost of the administration for this project, assuring donors that their entire donation is used to purchase nets and medical supplies. Donations can be made at nets.kerdowney.com.

To learn more about Ker & Downey, please visit www.kerdowney.com.