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Katy, TX News (March 23, 2015) – At Freddy’s in Katy, Texas, people come for the burgers and fries but stay for the frozen custard. Travis Sattler is always ready to serve. On Wednesday, he took the order of a very special little boy.

“He wants to order dessert,” said Sattler. The little boy comes up to the counter fidgeting with coins and a few dollar bills hoping he has enough for that mini mint Oreo custard.

“He was a little nervous,” said Sattler. “Ends up handing me everything he had.” It wasn’t enough.

“He was maybe two dollars short,” he said. So Sattler, who just a few minutes from the end of his shift, pulled out his credit card and told the boy, “It’s on me.”

“He had the biggest eyes, the widest smile,” Sattler said.

It’s a swipe that made a difference. But the story doesn’t end there. Just half an hour later, that same little boy handed Sattler a note as he and his mother walked out. “It says, ‘Thank you for being so nice and paying for my custard, we need more people like you,'” read Sattler.

This time, it was Sattler who smiled. Wrapped up inside the receipt was a $100 bill. It’s money Sattler plans to put away for nursing school.

“I like to think that I made a good impact on their day, and I kind of brightened it up, just like they did mine,” said Sattler. No one’s prouder than his boss at Freddy’s.

“Travis’ face is probably a face that boy will remember for a long time,” said Padden Nelson, the franchise owner of the Katy location. Freddy’s says it plans on giving Travis an extra $100. The restaurant also wants to find the boy’s family. They have gift cards waiting for them. They are simple acts of kindness by two strangers all over a small cup of custard.

“We all need to look out for each other,” said Sattler.