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Katy, TX News (April 8, 2015) – The Katy ISD School Board recently passed a resolution calling for the elimination of state high-stakes testing beyond federal mandates, which includes those assessments that are required for graduation, also known as STAAR.  This message is really resonating with members in our community and many at the national level! We do not know of any teacher, parent or educator who believes the STAAR test to be a true test of a child’s ability or the STAAR test to be the right Accountability and Assessment system. There has been no measurable improvement in college readiness.

Sadly, we have heard over and over again that this is not getting enough attention from our legislature or from the media and that it’s only from our group that they have heard this.  We are thrilled to be a part of Katy ISD and helping to lead the charge.  Our hope was that this would be something that the community could rally behind and fight for together and that’s exactly what’s happening.  We are making news in education circles around the country!  We posted a story on our Facebook feed yesterday and we have been thrilled to see this post reach over 40,000 people in less then 24 hours!  We have had hundreds of shares and lots of reposts on many other group sites in the last few days.  Parents and Teachers are very passionate about this topic and we pledge to do our best to make changes with the support of Katy ISD Board of Trustee Members.

See below for just some of the links in groups around Texas and in national circles that have shared Katy ISD’s Resolution and have expressed concern over the STAAR:

Article courtesy of One Katy PAC

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