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Katy, TX News (November 5, 2014) – Katy ISD community voters approved the $748 million dollar School Bond Referendum that will provide new schools and student activity facilities, address growth trends, and improve existing campuses.

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In response to the election results, Superintendent Alton Frailey offered a letter to Katy ISD parents and staff thanking them for their participation in the 2014 Katy ISD School Bond election:

“Dear Katy ISD Community, parents, and staff,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Katy ISD community, thank you for passing the Katy ISD 2014 Schools Bond that will address growth, safety measures, renovation and student activity facility needs. I am heartened to report that the bond referendum passed tonight with an unofficial count of 28,509 votes “FOR” the bond and 23,146 votes “AGAINST,” for a 55.2 percent approval rating.

We recognize that you have placed a tremendous amount of trust and confidence in your district’s servants to provide unparalleled learning opportunities for the tens of thousands of students that are here today, as well as those to come. This bond represents an investment in the future for our students and our community. You can rest assured that as project implementation begins, the Board of Trustees and staff will continue to efficiently manage bond funds to ensure the construction of carefully built learning spaces that will have the most significant and positive impact on our students and community for years to come.

This referendum reaffirms our community’s commitment to Katy children—a commitment that could not have been realized without the work and time of more than 200 volunteers representing the entire Katy ISD. These individuals spent tireless months and hours developing a bond package that will meet short- and long-term needs. Likewise, our staff and community members who notably went above and beyond to educate residents and voters about the bond through community meetings, media engagements, and campus-based informational sessions, are to be commended for their efforts.

Moving ahead, we welcome all community members to be a part of the next phases of the bond process. Over the coming months, you will be hearing about meetings, discussions, and opportunities for community members to attend and join in the work.

Again, thank you for your continued support of the students in Katy ISD.”


Alton Frailey
Superintendent of Schools

Katy Magazine would like to thank Superintendent Frailey for his dedication to the growth and success of Katy ISD. For more information on the Katy ISD School Bond Referendum, visit katyisd.org.

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