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Katy, TX News (February 3, 2014) – The Katy Family YMCA recently inducted new board members, Kevin Campbell, Robert Burns, Steve Reichardt, Ralph Fluker, George Adkins and Pat Sparks. The Board has 37 members which include two emeritus members, Gerri Ayers and Dr. Jerry Edmonson. All members are from the Katy area.

Renita King, the Chairperson of the Board Development Committee, says the YMCA board consists of a variety of caring individuals. “It’s a group of people who truly have a passion for service. We pool our time, talent, financial resources and community connection to assist the staff in fulfilling the organization’s mission.”

Katy TX

Brian Haines, YMCA District Vice President, defines the title of emeritus board member as someone who had served on the Board of the Katy Family YMCA for a period of two full board terms and provided quality service to the YMCA. They are still contributing members of the YMCA family, and have been so elected by the acting Board.

“We believe in the mission of the YMCA and the positive influence it makes on our community; it is a privilege to help in whatever way we can,” says Ayers. She chaired the capital campaign to build the Katy Y, which opened in 2000. An event planner by profession, President of Ayers Meetings & Events, she helps with the different events that the Y has through the year. In her service as a board member, she worked hand and hand with KISD and the Katy Y. She also serves on the Greater Houston YMCA Board of Directors for eight years

“When we were first starting the Katy Y, I was mentoring a student in the school district,” remembers Ayers. “We were at a holiday party at the school when a boy wheeled in a wheel chair. I learned his family came to Houston because they wanted to get their son into The Shriners Crippled Children Hospital. The hospital couldn’t accept him because his condition couldn’t be improved.

“The family didn’t have money. His wheelchair was one that they had made themselves and it didn’t meet the standards to be able to ride on the school bus. My heart broke for them, and I knew we needed to help. I went back and talked to Jeff,” McBride, the then Katy Family YMCA director, “and within a matter of a week we had a brand new wheelchair for him.”

Dr. Jerry Edmonson, Senior Pastor of The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch Church came up with the idea of the Turkey Dash. Edmonson and McBride had become good friends. “It was a natural for the Y to run with the program, as well as the fact that all the benefits went to the Partnership annual campaign.” Now 11 years later Edmonson and his church continue to help with the Turkey Dash. “We are more than happy to bless the Y in that way,” says Edmonson. “I am still involved and go to board meetings as much as I can.”

Brian Haines compliments the Katy Family YMCA board as one of the finest groups of volunteers he has ever worked with. “Our growth as an organization, increases in fundraising, collaborations and community impact are directly related to the growth of our Board and their ongoing efforts.”