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Katy, TX News – It was a scary morning at Katy Mills Mall where smash-and-grab robbers hit a jewelry store.

A witness said the suspects cased the Jared Vault store around 11 a.m., and returned later with two hammers and a gun. They stormed in and one smashed high-end jewelry cases while the other held an employee at gunpoint. Another employee hid in the bathroom and called police.

“It was seconds, a matter of seconds they were in and out,” said Katy Police Captain Javier Martinez. “I believe they’ve done this before.” In fact, it took just 27 seconds to scoop up about $30,000 in jewelry. “It looks like they knew exactly where to go, like maybe they were casing the store,” Martinez said. No one in the store was hurt.

“It’s pretty scary that they are out here during the day. That’s very bold,” said Diane Nevels of Katy. “Now it seems like the big city is coming to the little city out here, so it’s pretty scary.” The Jared Vault was closed while Katy police investigated the robbery. The robbery is similar to two recent smash-and-grabs at jewelry stores in Willowbrook Mall and First Colony Mall.

Information courtesy of KHOU Houston.