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Posted February 21, 2011

The Katy TaeKwonDo Academy announced its newest class of Tiger Cub graduates, new first degree black belt students and instructors who each passed testing requirements for their next rank level during the February rank exam.

Students who earned their First Degree Level 1 “Probationary” Black Belt are: Brandon Baker, Jake Brown, Kishore Mugundhan, and Luke Parmenter.

Students who earned their First Degree Level 2 “Decided” Black Belt are: Christopher Duan, Adolfo Alzate, Emma Duncan, Kent Gonzales, John Jones, Ishaan Lahoti, Joshua Lopez, Luke Schaefer, and Michael Schaefer.

Students who earned their Second Degree Black Belts are: Amanda Barnett-Saez, Mira Bhat, Neha Bhat, Jacob Cummins, and Skylar Galicia.

Students who graduated from the Tiger Cubs program into the Junior program are: Aura Maria Mosquera, Adam Mitchell, Kayla Mitchell, Isabel Salazar, Luke Stoddard, and Megan Stubbs.

In addition, student Carlos E. Trujillo earned his Third Degree Black Belt and River Silversmith passed testing requirements to become a Level 1 Instructor.

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