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The Katy TaeKwonDo Academy announced its newest class of Tiger Cub graduates, black belt students reaching new milestones and instructors who each passed testing requirements for their next rank level during the October rank exam.

Students who earned their First Degree Level 1 “Probationary” Black Belt include: Nilar Vargas, Pedro Vargas, Justen Dorrance, Aditya Goswami, Jimmy Lucia, and Claudia Saez.

Students who earned their First Degree Level 2 “Decided” Black Belt are: Christopher Cieslewicz, Benjamin Key, Matthew Morris, Angelica Murray, Brian Nguyen, George Wayne Theodoroulis, Andrea Wong, and Brannon Wong.

Students who earned their Second Degree Black Belts are: Taylor Chojeki and Christopher Duan.

Students who earned their Third Degree Black Belts are: Kenny Edwards, Aditya Garg, Ethan Vargas, and Victoria Vargas.

The Katy TaeKwonDo Academy also announced the students who passed testing requirements during the instructor

Finally, student Morgan Smith graduated from the Tiger Cubs program into the Junior program.

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The Katy TaeKwonDo Academy Newest Class of First Degree Level 1 Black Belts.

The Katy TaeKwonDo Academy’s Newest Class of Third Degree Level 1 “Decided” Black Belts.