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Katy kids get ready for Senior Prom

I recently went to Katy Mills Mall and noticed so many young ladies and young men shopping for their upcoming prom. There were alot of young ladies that were shopping with excitement for that special dress that they would be wearing for prom and not to mention those special accessories as well. Many of them debating whether to have a knee length dress or a long length dress. Many of the girls showed themselves different colors of dresses and wanted to know each others opinion. Many of the young men looked for that perfect suit to fit for that special night as well those perfect shoes. This was going to be a special night with so many memories to be remembered for their entire life.
Many of the young ladies and young men were talking about their budget. They each had a different budget to spend for many of those items to be bought for prom. So that is when I remembered my budget when I was shopping for my prom. So many things have increased in price back when I was shopping for my prom. So how much money should we give our children to budget for their prom? Is their a limit on how much to spend? Should we start a prom account just for them? These are so many questions I ask myself because soon my child will be a senior in high school and will be getting ready for his prom.  I find myself excited for them because it brings back memories of when I went prom. I still remember all the fun we had with our friends shopping for that special dress, accessories, getting hair done and nails done just for that special night. Do you still remember that day? What was your memories of your last prom? Do you encountered yourself also being excited for your child by shopping for their prom? Please share your insights with me.
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