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Favorite Eats for Katy Families

I had a wonderful, leisurely lunch with some girlfriends today.  I know this sounds like an oxymoron since I have an 18 month old, but with all of our toddlers in tow, we sat at the table and chatted and enjoyed chips and salsa.

How did we do this?  We situated ourselves at a table near the sandbox at El Jarrito on Highland Knolls Drive.  The children enjoyed chips and their bean salsa, inexpensive kid’s meals, and an enormous sandbox while we ate at our own pace.

Usually, taking either of my children to a restaurant is a challenge.  Unless we go to Rainforest Café, it is unusual for them to stay entertained the entire time we’re there.  However, around the time my oldest daughter turned two, I discovered the magical world of sandboxes at restaurants.  Now, when my parents ask us to join them for dinner, or when we want to catch up with an old friend, we know just what to do.  We suggest one of a handful of places that were brilliant enough to install a play area.

In addition to El Jarrito, we also frequent Victor’s Casa Garcia on North Fry Road, Café del Sol on Franz Road, Willie’s Ice House on The Katy Freeway at Fry Road, and Clay’s Restaurant on Clay Road. 

We live further out in West Katy, but these restaurants are worth the drive for us because the children are entertained the entire time: from choosing our food, to ordering, to eating… all the way to paying the check, our children are happily playing.   Sure, there is a little mess to contend with, and yes, we do have to wash hands very well before the children eat, but these are small inconveniences compared with finding ways to beat boredom in other restaurants.

We’re always searching for other locations to take our family.  Do you have a place your family loves to go?  Post a comment below!

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