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Katy, Texas (October 29, 2013) – Katy resident Patrick Freeman has a passion for voices. While growing up in Amarillo, Texas, he started mimicking cartoon character voices. Soon, he developed over 50 different character voices.

After twenty years of working in the financial services industry, Freeman decided to set up his own studio in a room sound-proofed and ready with equipment used to create voiceovers for audio books and commercials.

His tone was appreciated he received his first three audio book jobs – narrating zombie and science fiction books. “I must express my appreciation to Steven Ehrman, the author, who gave me a chance,” says Freeman. “As result of working with Steve, I have already received several other audio book offers.”

Freeman recently wrapped up his first book, Zombie Civilization: Genesis, written by Steven Ehrman. His voice over coach Randy Hames at Edgewater Studios in Sugar Land says, “It is not very often you see someone with such immediate success.”Katy, Texas Zombie