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Heart disease is the number one cause of death of Americans for both men and women. With the current epidemic in both obesity and diabetes on the rise, this continues to be true. However, early detection can lead to better patient outcomes. Today’s physicians diligently strive to determine their patient’s cardiovascular risks and make suggestions involving medications and lifestyle changes. Dr. Aleksandra Lawera, board certified in internal medicine at CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital, has recently added an innovative new test called EndoPat to their practice. EndoPat is available for the first time to Katy-area patients and is an easy, quick, and non-invasive way to test endothelial dysfunction that can be performed in the office.

A recently published study by Mayo Clinic shows that patients with endothelial dysfunction had 300% more adverse cardiovascular events than those patients with normal endothelial function. Endothelium is the inner layer of blood vessels, including those feeding the heart itself. It is the site of gradual calcium deposition that eventually can lead to heart disease. Long before that process begins, endothelium gradually loses its elasticity and becomes less accommodating to changes in pressure within circulatory system. Endothelial dysfunction can be present for decades before cardiovascular disease symptoms first appear. Unlike cardiovascular disease, endothelial dysfunction is fully reversible in its early stages with proper management.

“Being able to accurately assess endothelial function, Dr. Lawera can better stratify her patients’ risks for heart attacks, strokes and customize treatment plans accordingly,” says Dr. Jose Diez, interventional cardiologist at CHRISTUS ST. Catherine Hospital. “She is giving her practice and patients a 21st century advantage against heart disease.”

Dr. Diez has conducted research on endothelial dysfunction since 1997, both noninvasive and invasive evaluation of endothelial function, and has been working with Dr. Lawera on bringing new services and a higher level of care to the community.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and if you are a smoker or have history of heart disease in your family, EndoPat might be an appropriate screening test for you. Heart disease is a serious matter. Thanks to cutting edge technology, EndoPat is now available for the first time to Katy area patients to ensure that they will beat the race against heart disease. EndoPat testing is covered by most insurance plans.

Speak to your family physician or your cardiologist to arrange a referral. Please call Aleksandra Lawera, MD, board certified in internal medicine at CHRISTUS St. Catherine, and Medicine and Complete Wellness at 281-599-0300 for more information or Jose Diez, MD, interventional cardiologist at CHRISTUS St. Catherine Hospital at 281-599-6970 to arrange a referral.

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