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The Benefits vs. Regulations of living under s Katy Home Owner’s Association

My family and I have never experienced living in a neighborhood with HOA’s before Katy, Texas.  Meaning the fees or the benefits.  There are plenty of benefits, and I had to overcome my frustration with the fact that I could not have chickens in the backyard (“Even if they are kept inside an enclosure?” I asked the representative on the phone in disbelief, while she practically snorted “Absolutely NOT!”) before I could stop to appreciate the strengths of HOA’s!  Well, after I got over my initial trepidation with this new idea, I decided to explore what I could do in my backyard.  Or at the park, the gym, the pool, and all the other beautiful amenities that we, after $700 a year, bought rights to!

“So I can’t have more than two in-laws at the pool with us?”  I asked the clubhouse receptionist, as she gave me the “tour.”  This time I think my jaw was dropping, because she looked at me funny with her head tilted, as she slowly nodded, “That’s right, maam.”  So I need to call up those friends and family members that I promised could come over and swim for the Fourth of July party!  Other plans are now necessary.

The gym has been a real good deal though, as I use it about twice a month. At least now, I don’t have to feel guilty for paying a monthly due, and not ever making an appearance at said institution!  It has a TV though, large and loud, so maybe I’ll go work out just to get some “Me time,” away from the kids, and feel productive at the same time.  Hmmmm, what would I look like after 30 minutes of treadmill?  At the rate of twice a month, of course.

The kids, undoubtedly, are getting the most out of the park and surrounding walking trail, complete with a gorgeous pagoda, pond and waterfall.  And “Beware of Alligators”sign.  Really?  This place is something else!  I guess I won’t be bringing Lacey, our little Chihuahua and Yorkie mix to the pond for a walk!  I can just see that now; my baby, as alligator bait… 

Needless to say, this country girl at heart isn’t completely sold on HOA rules and regulations, (“I only get to have two yard sales a year?”  The representative, very tired of me by now, sighs loudly.  “Yes, and only on these dates…”)   I’ll see more benefits in time, I’m sure, in time.

Obviously this was a humorous take on being in neighborhoods with HOA regulations.  What do you think?  Are you in a similar neighborhood and do you like the rules?  What kind of benefits do you have?  Or maybe you live in a “restriction-free” area.  I would love to hear your viewpoint!

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