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Katy students get the chance to doll up their moms for Mother’s Day

Yesterday, I was invited to a “Mommy Makeover” event put on by the Kindergarteners at Woodcreek Elementary.    I have many wonderful Mother’s Day memories, but, this one tops the list!   At 1:30 p.m., I walked to my son’s classroom.  At the door, I was greeted by his teacher and immediately, my son, Braden, walked to the door and offered me a beautiful paper bouqet of flowers.

A huge smile spread across Braden’s face as he escorted me to a seat and began to pamper me.  I had brought a bag of toiletries- some makeup, nail polish, lotion and hair accessories.  “Hmm…”  Braden said.  “What should we do first?”  He then decided to re-do my eye make-up.  The other mothers sitting in the classroom were getting similar royal treatment.  Every few minutes, the mothers admired each other and offered comments about how beautiful we all looked. 

Braden took off my sandals, lathered my feet with lotion and carefully slipped my shoes back on.  He brushed my hair and added a few colorful clips for effect.  He then painted my nails and finished with some fresh pink lipstick. After my makeover was complete, he held up a mirror so I could see how “gorgeous” he had made me.  He was so proud and I felt so loved!

The Kindergarteners served their mothers lemonade and cookies and we sat back and enjoyed a song about mothers.  I always feel silly when I do it, but, I got choked up!   As the sweet children sang precious words of love to their mothers, I wiped a tear from my eye and tried to compose myself.

For a time, the world stood still, and life was just my son and I, together, enjoying some lemonade and cookies.  We chatted and laughed happily, and my heart swelled with pride and love.  How I hope I savor these moments!  A Happy Mother’s Day it was!

What are some of your most cherished Mother’s Day memories?  Please share!

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