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Katy, TX News (May 9, 2017)  – This year Katy Magazine “Women’s Issue” included “Katy’s Top 100 Women” and over 30 Katy ISD women, including teachers, principals, district staff and namesakes, were recognized.

The list was generated through community nominations and remained a secret until the magazine hit the stands and when social media posts started circulating the final list.

“We get the pleasure of seeing the passion of many of these women first-hand and the love they have for school children so we have a very high regard for local educators, principals, trustees and namesakes,” says Kirsten Cornell, lead associate editor for Katy Magazine. “There were so many other educators and staff that we want to include and will continue to find ways to celebrate and recognize these hardworking women.”

Katy ISD is very happy to work with Katy Magazine on a daily basis to recognize the positive stories taking place in our district. Next year Katy Magazine is working on an even bigger and better surprise for Katy women.  Those interested in nominating a Katy ISD woman, may email editor@katymagazine.com with the person’s name and a paragraph as to why she is so special.

Congratulations to all the Katy ISD women who made “Katy’s Top 100 Women” list!

Courtesy of Katy ISD

View Katy Magazine’s Top 100 Women of 2017.


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