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Katy ISD students and teachers have access to an entirely new level of classroom learning this year through Katy ISD’s Public Wi-Fi, now available on every campus across the district.  With Wi-Fi, and at the teacher’s discretion, students may use their personal devices – such as mobile phones, laptops and iPads – to access Web 2.0 tools used for specific lessons in the classroom.  Parents can also feel secure knowing that Katy ISD’s Wi-Fi network is equipped with the same Internet restrictions as all district student computers and devices.

“While this is a great step in technology for the classroom, this does not mean that students have free rein to use their devices throughout the school day,” says Katy ISD Chief Informational Officer Lenny Schad. “This does, however, enable teachers to allow students to use their own devices for specific classroom projects and assignments.  Students who do not have personal devices will be able to use a comparable district-owned device for such projects – or will be given a comparable assignment.”

Public Wi-Fi was first piloted at Cinco Ranch High School 2010 and the feedback was positive.  Teachers have found the new Wi-Fi network helpful, as they are now able to quickly engage students in projects by directing them to their mobile devices.

“Everyone is really excited about Wi-Fi. My students have already utilized their devices to take notes, look up definitions and even submit assignments through TurnItIn.com,” says Marcia Simmons, Pre-AP English Teacher at Cinco Ranch High School.  “We are getting the full advantage of having this on our campus.”

For more details on Katy ISD’s Wi-Fi service, view the Katy ISD Public Wi-Fi:  A Guide for Parents.  By accessing the Katy ISD Wi-Fi network, users accept the terms of Katy ISD’s Responsible Use Guidelines.

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