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As the new school year begins, Katy ISD’s police officers, crossing guards, bus drivers, campus administrators, teachers, and other staff members are working hard to ensure students get to school safely. To that end, they ask drivers throughout the area to watch out for children.

Here are things drivers can do to help ensure the safety of children walking or riding bicycles to school:

  • Drive friendly: Setting an alarm can ensure plenty of time to get to work, eliminating the anxiety and frustration of arriving late.
  • Look right before turning right: In addition to looking left for oncoming cars at intersections, drivers need to check for pedestrians crossing on the right.
  • No phone in the zone: Remember that cell phone use is prohibited in most school zones. Wait to text, read texts, or talk until it is safe.
  • Treat bicycles as vehicles: Bikes on the street should be treated as vehicles by other drivers. Don't crowd the bike, or pass and turn in front of the rider.
  • Respect crossing guards: They have legal authority to control traffic. Please respect them as they help children cross safely.  
  • Watch for bus flashing lights: They warn drivers to stop. Passing the bus in either direction endangers children exiting the bus and is a serious traffic violation.
  • Read school zone times: Times are based on the start and end of the school day and are not uniform throughout the area, so please read the signs.
  • Respect drop-off areas: They are established by the school to ensure students don't have to walk between buses or cross traffic lanes.
  • Plan for severe weather: Weather problems can include extreme heat, ice, and thunderstorms. Develop a family plan for severe weather days.
  • Most importantly, watch out for children as your drive!