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Katy, TX News (August 31, 2017) – Due to limited personnel as a result of the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey, it is projected that Katy ISD schools will reopen on Monday, September 11.  Staff who can safely commute to work are asked to return to their campuses or office on Wednesday, September 6.

Only two Katy ISD campuses, Creech Elementary and Beck Junior High, sustained severe water damage which will require a significant amount of time to repair and restore.  Fourteen Katy ISD campuses are located within neighborhoods directly impacted by flooding, though the school buildings remain intact.  Nevertheless, there is a tremendous amount of work ahead for Katy ISD over the coming days, weeks and months as the District prepares to welcome back students and restore facilities and structures impacted by the storm.

During this catastrophic weather event the Katy ISD community, staff, parents and even students spent countless hours volunteering and caring for those who may have lost access to their homes and/or possessions due to the storm.  Katy ISD bus drivers rescued hundreds from flooded areas and several of the Katy ISD campuses opened their doors to state emergency agencies staging operations.  Superintendent Lance Hindt released a letter to parents and staff today notifying them of the district’s closure and reflecting upon the kindness and unity of the Katy community.

Click here for Dr. Hindt’s letter of appreciation.

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