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Check out what your Katy kid should be reading this summer!

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It’s out! Hot off the presses, the summer reading list for 2010 is officially posted on the Katy ISD website. Students can get a  jump start on their summer reading by checking out the reading lists for the grade level they will enter in the fall.

So why should they read during the summer? Summer is supposed to be for relaxing, taking vacations, and having fun,. That’s true, but part of the adventures of summer can include the adventures found in good book. We’re not talking about making them read because they “have to” learn something for school. The books on these lists are chosen to foster enjoyment of reading for pleasure and to cultivate their curiosity for subjects they may already be interested in – outside of the school setting.

Besides, reading is a cool activity for those exceedingly hot afternoons and rainy days. Southeast Texas gets so many rainy days and hot afternoons during the summer that finding time for reading is the easy part. One great to get students reading is to peruse the books with them. That way parents and children get to escape to other times and places together and have an abundance of  shared adventures to discuss for months or even years to come.

Buying the books isn’t vital. Many of them are available at the public library and can be located by browsing their catalog online. The only thing required to begin another voyage or the next quest is a library card. Should you choose to purchase books, however, they can always be passed on to other children in the family, to friends, or to neighbors when you are finished with them. Better yet, donate them to the school or public library so that they will be available for future readers.

The reading lists are available at: http://www.katyisd.org/library/Pages/Summer_Reading_EL.aspx  for elementary school.

http://www.katyisd.org/library/Pages/Summer_Reading_JH.aspx  for middle school.

The Katy Public Library hours and other information is listed on their website: http://www.hcpl.lib.tx.us/location/katy-branch-library

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