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Posted January 31, 2011

The National Weather service has issued a hard freeze watch, which is in effect from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. An arctic front will push through the region on Tuesday with much colder conditions following. Temperatures will likely fall below freezing before midnight and continue to fall overnight with readings below 25 degrees across most inland portions of southeast Texas. In addition, strong northerly winds will send wind chill values into the single digits and teens.

At this time, the district does not foresee that the cold weather will have an impact on the district’s normal operating schedule. However, should there be a change in the weather that impacts the ability of students and staff to get to school safely, the district will follow established procedures for notifying parents of any changes to the normal school schedule.

Parents are encouraged to take special precautions to ensure that their children are prepared for the cold weather, particularly those that walk to school or wait at a bus stop. Children should wear several layers of lightweight warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing; mittens, which are warmer than gloves; and a hat to keep heat from escaping from the head.

Katy ISD’s Office of Emergency Management is working to ensure that the district is prepared for the onset of cold temperatures. All established procedures and protocols for cold weather have been followed and include such things as:

  • Actively monitoring weather conditions and forecasts
  • Participating in state weather preparedness calls
  • Inspecting buildings and preparing pipes (wrapping/draining) to prevent ruptures
  • Modifying and testing the HVAC program to ensure heat remains on to prevent pipes from freezing
  • Manually inspecting all modular buildings, concession stands and other out-buildings to ensure they are prepared for freezing temperatures
  • Starting buses earlier to ensure they can run; having extra mechanics on hand
  • Monitoring roadways, paying particular attention to overnight weather conditions for possible changes that could impact the normal school schedule
  • Checking with charter bus vendor to ensure they are prepared for cold weather emergencies for scheduled out-of-town student trips
  • Reviewing all outdoor event schedules and modifying as necessary

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