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As the temperature outside rises, so does the mosquito population. Warm weather means more mosquitoes, and with more mosquitoes comes an increased risk of West Nile Virus. Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (HCPHES) encourages people to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats from their property and to take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes. To help students stay healthy this season, Katy ISD offers the following procedures for insect repellant use during school hours.

  • Concerned parents are strongly encouraged to use a repellant on their child before they leave for school, especially younger children who may have difficulty applying the repellant safely.
  • No repellant sprays or lotions will be provided by or applied by school personnel during the school day.
  • Parents who are concerned about mosquito exposure during the school day may send a lotion, wipe-on, or wristband type of repellant for use by their child. (Sprays pose the risk of accidental exposure and will not be allowed.)
  • Parents should instruct their child in the proper use and application of an acceptable repellant, since it will be retained in the child’s possession (backpack, etc.) for use when going outside for activities or practices.
  • Students with physical limitations that make it impossible to self-apply a repellant will need to bring a parent note from home along with the repellant.

For more information, visist the HCPHES website at www.hcphes.org.

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