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Posted January 12, 2011

Katy High School recently celebrated Dr. Jim Kearny’s successful completion of his doctoral degree from The University of Texas. Dr. Kearney, a Katy High School German teacher and foreign language department chair, joins eight other doctoral degree holders at Katy High School: Dr. Alton Royer,  assistant principal for instruction; Dr. Holly Stack, Pre-AP biology Teacher; Dr. Rhonda Burrough, chemistry and AP environmental science teacher; Dr. Kim Harvey, licensed specialist in school psychology; Dr. Lynn Roney, English teacher; Dr. Roxy Riefkohl, counselor; Dr. Chad Teague, senior class principal; and Dr. Steve Robertson, Katy High School principal.

Katy High School faculty members Dr. Alton Royer, Dr. Holly Stack, Dr. Rhonda Burrough, Dr. Kim Harvey, Dr. Lynn Roney, Dr. Roxy Riefkohl and Dr. Steve Robertson.
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