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Fresh Produce In Katy

I am so happy to find out that we have a fresh produce market in Katy. This Market is located at 5026 E. Third St. in Old Katy. It’s hours are from 10am – 6pm Wednesdays through Mondays and closed on Tuesdays. They will not only have fresh produce but as well organic produce too. The Market is stocked with honey, dry beans, and herbs and many more to come. The Market will eventually grow bigger in time but until then I have enjoyed seeing all the produce it has stocked. Produce will vary depending on the season so make sure to go and see the different produce they have before it is gone.
I still remember when my parents would take me to a farmer’s market to go and get fresh produce. We would leave early to get the best picks and leave out of there with bags full. We loved going there and would spend the whole morning just looking at the produce. I loved the sweet smell that some of the produce would give out as well the different colors. This is a tradition that I will be bringing into my family for years to come. My children love the different kinds of produce they see and smell. I love eating healthy and what better way to do it than getting fresh produce for my family. There’s is no substitution for that sweet tomato taste. I could eat a whole basket full myself and remember my parents having to get another basket for us to take home.  So get those your bags ready and go fill them with fresh produce that your family can enjoy. You can as well make it a family fun trip with all the produce that they will come to see and smell.
Have you been to a farmer’s market in town? What were your experiences?
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