These local leaders share how they keep their teams energized and motivated to achieve victory on the field, in the classroom, and in life

Written by Kelly Boldt|Photography by Anetrius Wallace

Katy, TX News – Football coaches aren’t just drill sergeants. They are also mentors, counselors, motivators, and strategic planners. Each one of Katy ISD’s head football coaches has a different approach to their team, but a common thread is woven into each of them – their families. They are described as patient, tolerant, and understanding. The most important message is that behind every good coach is an amazing Katy family. Here is a quick glimpse of our Katy area high school coaches (in alphabetical order).

Don Clayton – Cinco Ranch High School

Cinco Ranch head coach Don Clayton loves working with and helping to develop athletes. “It’s not a job; it’s a calling,” explains Clayton, who has been with the Cougars since their first football season in 2000. “I love the way football mirrors real life. You work hard to succeed and also learn along the way that you will get knocked down, but you have to get right back up and get after it again.”

Discipline is also important for Clayton, as is intensity and a high level of commitment from his players and staff. This undertaking is not limited to the field. “We are here to supplement and reinforce what parents do in raising their children,” says Clayton. “We try to be a positive influence to keep them on the right track.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Cinco Ranch HS_Don Clayton (4)_photo by Anetrius Wallace
Coach Clayton has been Cinco Ranch’s head coach since it’s opening in 1999
His wife Rhonda is a teacher at Randolph Elementary

Gary Joseph – Katy High School

After 32 years at Katy High School, coach Gary Joseph appears to have found the formula for success. He says it’s discipline. Known as a tough, straightforward leader who works at developing trust with his players, Joseph also realizes the importance of being a mentor to his team. “Leadership is important,” Joseph explains. “The biggest thing with our staff is developing trust with the kids. The players have to believe in what we’re saying. If they don’t believe in anything or anybody, they’re not going to be committed to anything in life.”

The Katy Tigers hope to continue their legacy of seven state championship wins. Joseph says, “I am proud to have helped build the great traditions at Katy High School over the years.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Katy HS_Gary Joseph (7)_photo by Anetrius Wallace
Coach Joseph has had 11 state championship appearances, six as head coach

Lance Carter – Mayde Creek High School

The first word Mayde Creek head coach Lance Carter uses to describe his program is “tough.” That’s their style of practice, what he expects his players to bring to the field, and how his team plays on game day. “There are lots of other details, but what really drives us is our love for the game,” Carter says. “Off the field, I have loved watching young men grow into their futures.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Mayde Creek HS_Lance Carter (3)_photo by Anetrius Wallace
Coach Carter’s wife, Emma, is a history teacher at Cinco Ranch High School

Carter also believes that coaches play an important role in other facets of their players’ lives. “So much of this game is a mentality,” he says. “You’ve got to be very driven to play football, and we have the opportunity to use football to teach them drive and motivation that may last a lifetime.”

Dave Meadows – Morton Ranch High School

Coach Dave Meadows believes he can be described as intense, thorough, and caring in his role as head football coach at Morton Ranch High School. “Our workouts are intense, and we work on things that are applicable to what the kids have to do on the field,” says Meadows.

Physical training isn’t the only aspect of being a good coach for Meadows. “We hold our players to a higher standard,” he says. “They may not live up to them all the time, but we want them to understand that there are consequences if they make a bad decision. We are all part of this together.” Meadows believes the Mavericks are ready for the new season. “What we are doing here is what suits us best. It may not work for everybody, but it works for us.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Morton Ranch HS_Dave Meadows (7)_photo by Anetrius Wallace - Copy
Coach Meadows’ has had four state championships, three state runner-ups, and 293 wins in his career

Lydell Wilson – Seven Lakes High School

In his third year at Seven Lakes High School, coach Lydell Wilson is working hard to achieve his goal of building a state champion-caliber team. Part of his strategy is to get involved with the kids. “I can relate to them, and they tend to respond to that,” explains Wilson. “I try to get individual guys to understand that winning is important. Everybody has to sacrifice something for our
team goals.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Seven Lakes HS_Lydell Wilson (3)_photo by Anetrius Wallace
Coach Wilson won a 4a division I state championship in 2007 at Lamar Consolidated

For example, Wilson sacrifices his personal time and encourages the players to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team as well. Wilson says, “Every second counts, and we want to make sure they put their all into everything they do.”

Trey Hermann – Taylor High School

Head Coach Trey Herrmann will be taking over the reins at Taylor High School this year. Herrmann is a graduate of Mayde Creek High School and was previously part of the coaching staff at Mayde Creek and Seven Lakes high schools. He was named the 20-5A Coach of the Year in 2010.

Herrmann believes his hard work and commitment to the program will demonstrate the strong work ethic he expects from his players. “I am honest and work hard to be clear about expectations,” says Herrmann. “But toughness has always been the most important part of what we do. Not just the physical part, but we want them to develop the mental strength to overcome obstacles.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Taylor HS _Trey Hermann (4)_photo by Anetrius Wallace - Copy
All three of coach Hermann’s sons are currently in Katy Youth Football

Each program has its strengths, and Herrmann considers the off-season work by his players to be the cornerstone of his program. Herrmann adds, “We find that when players buy into it, that translates into better performance on the field during the season.”

Tony Tademy – Tompkins High School

As the head coach of the newest Katy ISD football program, Tony Tademy at Tompkins High School knows he and the players have a special connection. “We are learning together, growing together, and every day is a new day for us,” says Tademy. He says the team is ready for game time. “We have a plan, and every day we stick to that plan.” Organization, attention to detail, and being honest with the athletes are all important components of Tademy’s leadership style.

“We try to always do what’s best for the kids and be as consistent as we can,” says Tademy. “My coaches and I want them to know that we want to see them succeed.”

KM_F_14_coach profiles_Tompkins HS_Tony Tademy (7)_photo by Anetrius Wallace
Coach Tademy is a former TCU linebacker coach and was also a defensive coordinator at University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Kelly Boldt is a freelance writer and Katy mother of three teenagers. 

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