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Katy, TX (November 4, 2016) In March of 2016, the Katy area lost a beloved leader and community member in Mr. Stan C. Stanley.  To honor his contributions and continue his legacy, the Katy Area Economic Development Council created the Stan C. Stanley “Eagle” Leadership and Economic Development Award.  Today, on November 3, Stan’s birthday and what has been proclaimed Stan C. Stanley Day by the City of Katy, the Katy Area EDC is proud to announce Mr. Stan Goss as the winner of the inaugural Stan C. Stanley “Eagle” Leadership and Economic Development Award.


Stan Goss has been a pillar of the Katy area through his involvement in numerous organizations and activities with a goal of bettering the community much like Stan Stanley did. He is a nationally recognized Executive Coach and Leadership Development professional, and has been involved with organizations such as Katy Area EDC, Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church, Katy ISD and youth basketball organization Katy Rebels.

For the past eight years, he has served on the Katy Area EDC Board of Governors.  Since joining the BOG, Goss has spearheaded the Talent and Leadership Taskforce.  The aforementioned taskforce has played a tremendous role in many projects including the creation of the Visions events hosted by the Katy Area EDC.  Twice a year, the Visions events help produce meaningful dialogue by bringing together community members to discuss relevant topics and issues in the Katy area, and how they can be addressed.  Direct results of the event include development of a higher education white paper which helped recruit the University of Houston to purchase 46 acres for the development of a new campus in the Katy area.  Other results include the formation of the Transportation and Mobility Taskforce to work toward improving mobility for Katy area residents.  A white paper has also been developed from a Visions event on Arts and Entertainment and has proved useful to the growth of this topic area.

As part of his leadership role with the Talent and Leadership Taskforce, Goss has recruited new organizations to become involved with the Katy Area EDC.  He personally recruited the National Association of Corrosive Engineers (NACE) to join.  The relationship developed by Stan has allowed the Katy Area EDC to be involved in numerous trade shows in partnership with NACE.

At his church, Grace United Fellowship Methodist Church, Stan has served in leadership roles and led small groups for men and couples.  Goss has also worked with the Katy ISD Miller Career and Technology Center to help grow its impact on students and increase local business involvement with MCTC.

You may also find Stan helping out with booster clubs, specifically basketball at Tompkins High School and Seven Lakes High School.  He has been involved with the Katy Rebels youth basketball program for roughly 10 years as well.

According one individual who nominated Goss, “Stan’s service to all the organizations he supports is for pure service and to give back to the community. He is not motivated by personal or business gain.”

“It is an honor to recognize Stan Goss with an award named after our dear friend Stan Stanley,” said Katy Area EDC President/CEO Lance LaCour.

Goss was selected from a pool of award finalists including Carol Adams of the Katy Heritage Society, Kathy Gerritzen, Director of Katy Area Ride Service and Tommy Golczynski, Managing Partner/Founder, Assured Flow Solutions.  The award recognizes a volunteer in the Katy area who has made contributions in leadership and economic development to the Katy area and was selected by committee of Katy area leaders.  All Katy area residents were eligible and selected based on criteria including but not limited to, years of service, leadership skills demonstrated, special achievements, and qualities Stan so greatly exhibited such as being faithful, conscientious, unselfish and committed to the Katy area community.

Courtesy of the Katy Area Economic Development Council