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Make summer in Katy more fun with cool themed picnics

You’ve planned the perfect summer picnic with your kids.. Food, drinks, games – the works. They each invited a friend or two to make a party out of it You no sooner get the picnic packed up in the car, when – Crash! Rumble, rumble. The picnic is called on account of rain. Let’s face it, we’ve had a rash of pop-up storms in this first week of June. So what happens when the planned picnic gets rained out? Plan a themed picnic that can be eaten indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

For a Beach Picnic, everyone dresses in bathing suits (with cover ups if desired) and either flip-flops or swim shoes. For the decor, spread out beach towels on the sand or on the living room floor. Food can be packed in the ice chest or individual sand-bucket “picnic baskets”. Pack the buckets with anything you and your kids like to eat at the beach. Include some mood music for the drive to the beach, or the drive to the living room beach. This could be kids summertime music, the Beach Boys, or sounds of the beach including seagulls and waves.

How about a Teddy Bear’s Picnic? This probably one for the girls. Both the teddy bear’s and the girls dress up. The picnic table – or the kitchen table – get the table cloth and tea set treatment. The tea party could also be set up on a nice blanket or two. The “tea set” could be plastic or one you won’t worry about if something gets broken. Foods include cheese and fruit cut into cubes with party toothpicks, “tea” of your choice, and finger sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or other kid favorites) cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Music can be classical music to set the mood for the trip to the tea party or kids music – starting with the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, of course.

Evening picnics are fun too, especially with a flashlight hike afterwards looking for nighttime critters. If it rains, turn it into a drive-in theater picnic. Attire  is summer clothes and sandals or sneakers. Either in the garage or in the living room, arrange chairs and a couch into rows as if everyone’s sitting in the car. Set up a television with the movie of choice. Food can include hot dogs or chili dogs, fries or chips, beverages in cups with ice and straws, and popcorn.

What other picnic themes can be done inside or outside? Find some picnic themes for boys only and picnics for older kids in junior and senior high.

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