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Katy Mom is Looking for Tips and Tricks to get ‘Pre-Kids’ Body Back

I used to work out all the time, eat pretty healthy and therefore, fit nicely into my size 4 clothes. Then I had kids. Now-a-days you are lucky if you see me in a short sleeve shirt because I’m so embarrassed of my fat, jiggly arms!  I loved our cold winter for the sheer reason that I could stay covered up all day long! What in the world is the deal with me?!

I am one of those women, the ones that have kids and they gain a ton of weight, their hair is never the same and can never get rid of that ugly pooch at the bottom of my stomach that looks like something you should knead, punch and roll out. And then there are the “others”. I hate these women…ok not really, just despise the fact that their bodies don’t change after giving birth AT ALL!  And with such little effort on their part!!  I had a friend that was back into her size 2 jeans 4 weeks after giving birth to her first son, and after each birth of her 3 kids! And she didn’t diet or exercise!  WHAT?!  How is that possible?  I used to kill myself in the gym after each of my son’s births, I did the Atkins diet, the Slimfast Diet, the Starvation Soup Diet, the Medifast Diet (oh! I starved on that one!)  and oh so many more. Each one was too hard to stay on, got bored with it, or didn’t see much progress so I quit. I’m sure my love of wine and Italian food had NOTHING to do with my lack of progress.

Anyone out there found something that really works?  That won’t require me to count points, weigh food, take a pill that sends me into cardiac arrest, or eat boxed lasagna that has so many preservatives in it that its shelf life extends into my 4 year old’s golden years?!  Post your comments below.

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