Katy families share their thoughts on “The Importance of Grandparents.” Four ways they enrich the lives of their grandchildren.

Written by Heather Lowrie | Select photography by Sara Isola

A grandparent inspires, educates, and loves unconditionally. This special relationship is created in love and forged by family ties that can’t be broken. Carl and Norma Lenz remember how they felt when they got the wonderful news that they would be grandparents. “An overwhelming feeling of excitement and awe came over us,” says Norma. “That was shortly followed by an awareness of the responsibility to be the best grandparents we knew how to be.” Whether you have been a grandparent for years, or you are waiting for the arrival of a new grandbaby any minute now, the unique relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is something that must be experienced to truly understand.

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