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How Katy Families can get ready for this year’s season

Yesterday launched the first day of Hurricane season. If your family wants to learn more about how to be prepared in a hurricane or how these massive storms form then the Houston Weather Museum is the place for you. During the month of June Thursdays are free for all museum guests. Talk to meteorologists and learn about the function and history of hurricanes in the gulf. And there are prizes involved as well. All visitors can enter to win a hurricane kit and weather radio donated by Midland Radio.

“Believe it or not we need hurricanes, states meteorologist and The Weather Museum Executive Director Jill Hasling. “The hurricane is one mechanism by which nature releases the tremendous buildup of heat in the tropics. Hurricanes also are the mechanism to bring tropical moisture into the farm lands of the central United States and often breaking droughts.” Hurricanes are useful and don’t need to be feared. As long as your family is prepared then you will be ready. There are many ways to get ready for such a powerful storm such as Ike that Houston endured last time a hurricane breached our coast. The Houston Weather Museum can help you get ready.

One thing to keep in mind is to always have an evacuation plan. If a large hurricane is heading our way will you stay? Or do you know where you will go? My husband and I plan to take any approaching hurricane as an opportunity to visit friends. We already know where we will go once we are sure that our house is properly boarded and secure for the storm. Of course our dog will be coming as well but if you plan to stay be sure to bring all pets inside.

It may be wise to buy wood and pre-cut your window coverings in advance. Buy and do the work now so that you won’t have to stress and rush to get it done if you need it. And if we escape a major storm this year then you will always be ready for future seasons!

Always make sure that you have some non-perishable food and water in stock during hurricane season. Of course go buy more of these supplies when a storm is in the Gulf but at least you won’t be too stressed if there is a shortage. Also, make sure that all of your vehicles are filled with gas prior to a storm arriving. This way if you need to leave after the storm to seek shelter you won’t have to worry about getting gas. Gas is another item that frequently is in high demand during such events.

If you or anyone if your family have medical needs make sure that you have plenty of medication and supplies before a storm hits or before you evacuate. If you have pets it is always smart to have a copy of the rabies and shots record. During the storm it is also smart to keep you pets on leashes and close at hand.

These are just a few of many things that you should keep in mind while preparing for this years hurricane season. Be sure to pick up your KHOU Hurricane Season guide at any Randall’s or State Farm office. Remember to visit the Houston Weather Museum to get prepared for this year’s season and to learn all about nature’s greatest storms. Make this an educational and informative time for your family. And you can even visit the museum for free every Thursday this month.

Did your family do anything that you feel was different and affective for the last hurricane that you feel others could benefit from this season? Share it with us in a comment.

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