A Katy Mom shares her triplet experience

Although my triplet boys were born last week and I am out of the hospital, they must remain in the NICU for an unknown period of time.
This is obviously difficult and emotional, but I wanted to blog about how this is a immediately humbling event in our family’s life. It has taught my husband and me that we are not an island unto ourselves. We cannot do everything.  We must rely on the kindness of friends.
I won’t be able to drive for at least the next week. Who will take my toddler to school? How will I get downtown to be with the Trips? Will my husband have to take time off of work?
Good friends have swiftly stepped up to help us. Acqaintances have come out of the woodwork and surprised us with dinners and offers of transportation. It is truly amazing. Our son will get to school without any problems. This helps him to stay on a schedule in the midst of chaos for us. That’s so valuable for the family.
It is still an uphill road for the Trips and for us; however, a simple act of compassion makes life so much easier. I have to remember sometimes to ask for help–that is often all it takes for people to fill a need.
I would love to hear your stories of inspiration. How has your life been touched by others’ goodness. Please comment.
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