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March 12, 2010 – Pura Vida, Costa Rica’s slogan for ‘a good life’, came true for 19 middle school students from Holy Spirit Episcopal School.  These lucky students participated in the 16th year of an

HS students take a ride on the wild side while rafting down the Saripiqui River in Costa Rica.

exchange program (intercambio) with their sister school in Desamparados, Costa Rica.  HSES students traveled to San Jose, lived with families, and saw the sights for which Costa Rica is so famous:  volcanoes, rain forests, beautiful rivers, and exotic animal and plant life.  Next year, the students of St. Michael Archangel will come to Texas, live with Holy Spirit families, and take in some of the opportunities Houston has to offer:  barbecue, line dancing, NASA, the rodeo, and the city’s famous skyline.

What makes this intercambio so unique is that it exists between 5th-8th grade students, not high school kids.  The Costa Rican and American students work on their English and Spanish, live with students and their families for 10 days, and learn much about each country’s culture and history.

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