How you can help a fellow Katyite in their time of need

It’s been five days since my doctor has assigned me to bedrest for pre-term labor. Today my mother graciously brought me a laptop–I had been close to losing my mind in the hospital.
My husband and I are eagerly expecting triplet boys. We’re at Week 29, so we are happy that the boys are almost here. We also have a toddler who is almost three. My being out of commission has really put a strain on our daily schedules.
Our friends and family have really come through for us. It has been a humbling and blessed experience to see how much we are in others’ thoughts. How can you help a friend in need?
1. Think of the children–our good friend has been to our house at 6 AM each day to get our son ready for school and to drive him. Not everyone can do this of course, but it would be a huge relief to parents if you could take over one specific job that will allow them to keep their child to a particular schedule.
2. Think of the other spouse–in this case, it’s my husband. This person suddenly has extra stress and responsibilities to handle. Can you bring over a dinner, do some of the chores, or just take the child out to play  while this person deals with the extra workload?
3. Think of the bedridden person–a phone call, a simple bouquet, or a note really brightens the day of someone who is sick or homebound. 
Don’t forget to be specific in your offer of help. It’s much easier for us to say, “Yes, thanks for babysitting on Thursday so my husband can visit me.” than to say “Would you mind bringing us dinner tomorrow.” We don’t want to impose on your friendship and generosity.
How do you help the sick or homebound in your life? I’d love to hear your comments. 
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