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Written by Kirsten Cornell

 How do you handle a toddler’s tantrum in a public place?

Prepare Ahead of Time
“I always try to address this before we go to a public place. For instance, if you throw a fit while we are in Target, we will leave without getting anything. Make sure you follow through. Park that basket and promptly leave. If it happens in a restaurant, I will go sit in the car with them for a time out and a nice long talk.” – Meredith Gilbert

Give a Warning
“I will punish my kids during the tantrum if they disobey after the first warning. I love my children enough to get them to act straight, have manners, and respect for adults.” – Bobbi Shea

Relax, It Happens to Everyone
“Most importantly, it’s ok. Every parent has had to find out what works when dealing with tantrums. You are not alone and not everyone who looks at you is with disapproval, most are sympathetic. I always say a prayer in my head for the parent when I see a child having a public meltdown.” – Michelle Molinari

Remove Them from the Situation
“Remove them to a more private place to talk to them, but remember that you are the adult and the child should not be telling you what to do. With my kids, we sometimes discuss expected behavior on the way to our destination.” – Christina Gamble

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