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Finding Holiday Fun Close to Katy

After hearing about Dewberry Farms for years, I finally have a child old enough to begin to enjoy it. My husband, our 4-year-old, and I headed out to Brookshire last week. It was Black Friday, but instead of dodging the crowds of mad shoppers, we spent a good two hours in the country. It was wonderful.

You’ll have to check out Dewberry’s website for complete hours and prices. We went on a day that was free admission. It would have cost the three of us around $35 just to enter, and I thought that was a bit steep, especially since just about everything you do there also costs a token–usually three tokens. Each token costs $1.

I was really happy to go to such a different place so close to home. We read about animals a lot at home, and here our son was able to pet a goat, feed ducks, and see real live geese that come right up to you if you let them.

Our boy who resists eating vegetables had a blast (okay, we all did) rolling around in The Corn Crib, a barn that is full of corn kernels and toy trucks to play in. We all were excited to play on a farm-like playground that was designated for small children only. Older kids found another fort-like area on which to spend some time.

We rode bikes, watched our son use up some of that energy that only young children seem to have as he jumped on bouncy pillows – similar to a bouncy house, but only the bottom part. My husband and son rode Texas’ longest barrel train twice (that was free, by the way.). We couldn’t get him to try the tall slide that was built into the side of a pretty big hill. He promised next year he would try. There are a lot of other things to do at the Farm. It is a lovely, country place.

Dewberry Farms also sells Christmas trees. We had intended to take the tractor hayride out to the fields to choose one but everyone was getting tired and hungry, so we will plan better next year and do that first.

I am certain that families can have a blast and a real bonding experience just about anywhere. I was just glad that we finally drove a bit past Katy Mills Mall and found a haven of educational, innocent, family fun. We will make it our annual trip.

Have you found a place that is a real gem for families? Please share your experiences so we all can benefit.

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