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Students enrolled in Professor Rima Adil’s College and Career Planning course at the  Houston Community College Katy Campus earned their Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) last month. The CRC is a portable workforce credential based on the WorkKeys job skills assessment system.

Adil teaches her students the skills they need to be successful in college and skills employers are looking for in prospective hires. The CRC was the perfect instrument to support her student’s professional goals.

“I found the CRC very motivating, relevant and beneficial since at this stage in their lives, students are making choices about their careers and most of them are either entering the work industry through student jobs or have recently joined it,” says Adil.

The Career Readiness Certificate allows students to show prospective employers that they possess critical workplace skills in addition to their academic accomplishments.  The certificate was created to help employers identify strong applicants by certifying that a CRC recipient possesses competency skills (Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information), required by approximately 90 percent of all jobs in the nation.

“A job applicant with a CRC has a distinct advantage over other candidates with similar experience or education level. Employers can be confident that applicants will have the essential skills to fill the position and employers can save time and money when an applicant has been pre-screened,” says WorkKeys Senior Program Coordinator Elizabeth Buerkle.

The CRC is only one of the tools available through WorkKeys at HCC. Additional services available for employers include EEO-guided job profiling for selection and training purposes, instructional support, EEO-guided new or updated job descriptions, and assistance with moving qualified, lower-level employees into supervisory positions.

To learn more about WorkKeys and the CRC, contact 713-718-5718 or elizabeth.buerkle@hccs.edu.

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Featured are students from Rima Adil's College and Career Planning course at HCC Katy Campus who recently earned Career Readiness Certificates.


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