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Written by Katie Jozwiak

Katy, TX – BRRR!!! This weekend was a chilly one. A whopping 40 degrees of pure Heavenly air with gusty winds perfect for a photo shoot. Did Marty McFly take us to the Arctic or is Katy, Texas experiencing WINTER?! Either way, I was desperate for some warmth. As you will all soon (oh so soon) come to realize, I only have two weaknesses: my sweet husband and delicious chocolate. Comfort never tasted so good.

Chocolate is great for the impatient – how else could you get instant reprieve from feeling down? Wait two hours for lasagna, I don’t think so. My experiences have taught me that most things in life can be fixed – or at least made significantly better – with chocolate. Its versatility is quite remarkable, I must say. Bite it, melt it, mix it, bake it, freeze it, drink it, you name it, it can do it. It’s like the world’s greatest friend. Plus, chocolate comes from cocoa beans, the fruit of the cacao, so it’s basically the healthiest food you can eat.

Seeing that the average women’s suggested daily fruit intake is about two cups, I decided to get one of mine from Schakolad Chocolate Factory. It is conveniently located on Fry Rd. so I didn’t have to venture far into the tundra to claim my prize. When I arrived I was greeted directly by the store’s owner who is super nice. She let me sample some enchanting hot chocolate and it was then I knew… I had not yet begun living until that precise moment. All other hot chocolate had failed me. What I had once considered a meaningful relationship I then learned that it was all just façade keeping me from my true destiny. After tasting true love, how could I ever go back? How could I revert back to a corporate, water-based, over-priced mixture they called hot chocolate? Ludicrous. I’ve tasted and seen, and there’s no going back. This chocolate boutique had stolen my heart in the form of a $2.50 cup of melted artisan chocolate that was made fresh the minute I came shivering in the door. After consuming my cup of happiness, I was told that they actually serve their hot chocolate year round… could my day get any better? I will definitely be going back and I hope to see you there!

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