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Using our Katy community offerings to our club’s advantage

My daughter decided to do ballet as her extra-curricular activity this year, but she loves bouncing around in the gym.   Luckily for her, our mothering club, AMOK (All Moms of Katy) and Westwood Gym teamed up to offer Gym Day once a month.

Through AMOK, my daughter is given the chance each month to participate in a 45 minute gym class.  Our club has worked out an arrangement with Westwood Gym that allows children in the club to pay a small fee and participate in gym classes without any other sort of contract.

My daughter and her friends (ages 3 and 4) love Gym Day!  It is actually my daughter, Avery’s favorite day of the month.  The coaches are friendly, fun, and obviously well trained. 

Avery starts off with warm ups cleverly disguised as fun dances and games.  Then she has the opportunity to participate in gymnastic skills all over the gym floor.  She loves the trampolines, the uneven bars, bear crawling on a balance beam, and floor rotations that allow her the chance to climb, jump, and bounce to her heart’s content.  The last few minutes of class every month, Avery has the opportunity to play in a special area that is set up to look like a mountain.  It has slides, climbing walls and a pit.

Because we’ve been able to experience gymnastics through Gym Day with AMOK and Westwood Gym, Avery has decided that next year, she’ll give ballet a rest and take gymnastics instead.  Clearly, for Westwood Gym, this is a great opportunity to let parents and children alike in on their gymnastics magic.  And for AMOK, it is a wonderful opportunity to let members enjoy a day at the gym.

If you are interested in Gym Day, consider joining AMOK (email Stephanie at allmomsofkaty@yahoo.com) or consider contacting a local gym and setting up a similar partnership with your mothering club.

What other activities do you enjoy with your child?  Post a comment below!

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