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Katy, TX (July 23, 2016)  On Saturday, July 23, Groundbreaking took place for a new park inside the Lakeview Subdivision, hosted by Harris County M.U.D 64. The proposed Park will be a multi?use Park approximately 3.5 acres, and dedicated to the residents of the Municipal Utility District.


This park will boast multiple playgrounds, an educational Butterfly Garden, a Pavilion, multiple Fitness Stations and .35 miles of concrete trail. The park will be accessible by a 17 space parking lot adjacent to Repiton Way. The board is proud to be naming this park after William Anthony Callegari, Sr., known as Bill Callegari.

Representative Bill Callegari has represented the Katy area since his election to the Texas State House of Representatives in 2000. Mr. Callegari has passed several bills to eliminate unnecessary government functions, lower citizens’ tax burdens, and improve accountability until his retirement from office in 2014. Representative Callegari has worked on many water policies, eminent domain, transportation, low?income housing reform, and government streamlining during his tenure in the House.

A Licensed Professional Engineer for over four decades, Callegari holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston. Callegari and his wife, Ann, have been happily married for more than 50 years and have four children and eleven grandchildren. He retired in January if 2015 and now enjoys life with his wife in the Katy area.