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A packed audience of families and students at Griffin Elementary were treated to a fantastic variety show of more than 30 acts. These students won their coveted performance places after auditions attracted 145 performances.

Musicians, dancers, and singers filled the stage with performances showcasing cultures from around the world. Martial artists displayed their don’t-mess-with-me skills, as they smashed through wooden boards, whipped sticks through the air and demonstrated the precision required to master TaeKwonDo. While gymnasts thrilled everyone with their amazing flips and turns. Screens were lowered for everyone to marvel at student produced computer animation and a movie. Finally there were cheers for three students who demonstrated just how fast a rubric cube can be solved. All the while two 5th grade students kept the show moving with their lively repartee and jokes.

Who needs T.V. talent shows, when Katy students can put on such a stunning display?

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